About Hypnos Medical

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The Science of Forest Medicine

- Atmospheres Rich of Medicinal Compounds are Nature's Gift to Humanity -

It's hard to imagine that natural forest terpenes and botanicals administered through a high-tech internet-enabled vortex system can relieve acute symptoms of pain, anxiety, muscle tension, PTSD, ADD, fatigue, spasms, tremors, and more - or how this same system can enhance physical performance, mental alertness, memory, focus, and more... but that's exactly what users of the Hypnos Vortex system testify


Welcome to Aromatherapy 2.0, where Hypnos merges the research and practice of Japan's Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), and the medicinal wisdom of ancient Asian and indigenous cultures with the Hypnos Vortex technology to deliver results that are nothing less than revolutionary.


Bridging the gap between nature's medicine and targeted patient symptom relief

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