Creators of The Hypnos Vortex System:
Vortex Nebulized Clinical Terpene Inhalation Therapy

High concentrations of plant essences and terpenes present in forest atmospheres have been shown to have positive health benefits and are the inspiration behind Hypnos's Green-tech mood-uplifting Bio-Media Technology - especially the Hypnos Vortex Nebulized Clinical Terpene Inhalation Therapy System or Hypnos Vortex CTI Therapy for short.

Clinical terpene inhalation has its modern origins in Japan’s practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere”. This developed from Japanese clinical trials that proved the benefits of breathing terpene-rich atmospheres found in forests and is now a government-sanctioned public health practice in Japan.


How it Works

The Hypnos’ Cold Vortex Nebulization Technology is a new and powerful technology that dramatically amplifies the therapeutic effects of traditional clinical terpene inhalation in several ways - 1) it allows the natural plant biochemistry to be efficiently delivered in its original form, at a magnified potency and without the chemical degradation which occurs when heating - much like walking into a living forest.  2) The system’s internal vortex cartridges charge the nebulized material into a more active and absorbable state, and 3) the vortex realized nebulated vapor is then further mixed together within the internal Hypnos vortex chamber, all the while being computer-administered according to user-selected algorithms to produce the desired effects based on the Hypnos software interface. The inhalation experience is cool, aromatic, and produces no coughing or irritation to the airways.

The Hypnos System also creates new types of therapy journeys using its 21st-century bio-isolate technology and merging it with the digital age - enabling smart device and VR controlled administration, creating entirely unique and immersive experiences that also allow for deeper patient relaxation and somnolence.


Bridging the gap between nature's medicine and targeted patient symptom relief