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The Hypnos Vortex 
Clinical Terpene Inhalation Therapy System


The Hypnos Therapy System is built on the Drug-Free Health Modality of Forest Medicine

Harnessing the Power of Nature

Forest atmospheres contain thousands of plant essences. The health benefits of breathing these terpenes emitted by plants have been well demonstrated, and the practice of Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku), is recommended by the Japanese government and practiced throughout the world.

Although a truly ancient health modality that has existed in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Indigenous cultures throughout history, Western medicine is just now realizing the health benefits of Forest Medicine and spending time in the natural environment is becoming a regularly prescribed therapy in Europe and the USA.


The Hypnos Clinical Terpene Inhalation System (CTI System) brings the natural wellness benefits of the world's forests into clinical practices, offering effective complementary and alternative therapies to patients and clients without the side effects of prescribed pharmaceuticals.


Due to the drug-free benefits of Hypnos CTI Therapy, and in compliance with the FDA, patient testimonials are hidden from the general public. Please register above if you wish to enter the private access area. This member-only access enables individuals to hear patient testimonials of their experiences with the Therapy within a private venue.

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